What would you do for immortality?

Val neil(1)It’s hard to find a mentor in black magic, and even harder to find a decent one. Nikolai is a wizard of considerable talent and dark ambitions. When a fateful letter arrives, he finds himself thrust into the path of an immortal mage named Medea.

Convinced he’s found the perfect mentor, he trains with her, despite dire warnings that her apprentices wind up dead.

Barbaric and brutal, Nikolai’s training is a far cry from what he expects, and soon his world is turned upside down. Medea guards her secrets closely. When a mysterious illness strikes, Nikolai suspects she has ulterior motives.

Blinded, cursed, scarred–Nikolai is bent on revenge. Can he solve the riddle of his affliction before it’s too late?

Dark Apprentice is the first book in a new fantasy series by Val Neil.
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