She was the perfect mentor, until she drained his essence.

Dark Revelations

A talented young wizard, Nikolai doesn’t want much out of life: sex, immortality, and the power to disembowel anyone who crosses him. But with dark magic forbidden, good mentors are hard to find.

When a fateful letter arrives, Nikolai finds himself thrust into the path of Medea, the world’s deadliest mage. Convinced he’s found the perfect instructor, Nikolai seeks training, despite dire warnings her apprentices don’t survive.

Medea is done training aspiring dark wizards, but magic is dying out, and she hasn’t had an applicant with such magical strength in centuries. If she can control Nikolai, show him that magic is more than necromancy and demonology–he might obtain the power he desires. If not, well . . .

What’s one more dead apprentice?

Dark Revelations is the first book in a new fantasy series by Val Neil.
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