Chapter 21- This Bitch Right Here

Chapter 21 has been giving me so many problems. And I’m in the revising section I thought would be easy. Right now the struggle is “where do I go?” with this chapter.

It’s telepathy training. The scene was originally a humorous training sequence. Except now I’m weaving darker plot elements into it and it’s not working so well. Dialogue that was once comedic banter is now overshadowed by the possibility that Medea is reading Nikolai’s mind. So now when he asks leading questions, I have to account for “but if she was reading his mind here, then she’d know X and her response could be interpreted Y.”

Do I hold off telepathy training for book 2? If I do that, there’s not much training left. I need some motherfucking magic in my motherfucking book on magical training. I could technically yank the whole telepathy subplot and it would work, but it would remove a lot of novelty/fun.

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