It’s Been a Week…

It’s been one of those weeks. First week of school. Yay, right? I’ll have so much free time!

Except that I found out that my son was assigned to the wrong school. Two days before school starts.

He’s autistic. We lost a whole academic year in 2017 because his teacher didn’t follow the IEP. His behavior regressed, they stuck him in the most restrictive classroom, and we only got out of it late last year. At the last IEP meeting, we specifically asked that he NOT be placed at that site again, and made it pretty clear that the teacher and the classroom setting were to blame for his behavior issues (that could be a whole post by itself, but I’m not going to go there right now).

They assigned him the same school. They even assigned him the same teacher.

Of course a computer probably assigns kids to the closest school that has the right services, but I had to call and email the special education department (which probably already inundated due to school starting in TWO DAYS) to get him moved.

We got it sorted out and he’s moved, but all the gross feelings I have about this district have been brought to the forefront again. Our district is pretty terrible at educating autistic kids. Again, not going to get into here, but we’ve been fighting to get the right services for years now.

It’s seriously fucked with my mindset. I haven’t touched my own manuscript since like Monday. I did manage to get a lot of critiquing done for other people, because I have the brain power to do that, but not much else. Been going to bed early and waking up stressed.

I normally try to work on writing stuff at least every other day. If I wait too long, the book goes out of my brain and it’s really difficult to get that mindset back. I’m really hoping next week is better, but I have an event to prepare for (not book-related), so my attention will probably be pretty divided.

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